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Mark Squires' E-Zine on Wine

With this issue, I've discontinued the practice of putting photos on every single monthly page in order to save download time. Photos are, of course, one of the hallmarks of this site and will remain on "standing" pages like "Best Buys." Frequent visitors to the site will have them cached. If photos are your thing, visit my Photo index, too.

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Articles, May / June, 1997

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Big Bad Zin Lineup

Have you noticed that some of these Zins these days are REALLY big? I'll bet you have. Still, these wines have a lot of personality, a lot of flavor, and the massive amounts of fruit, when things work out right, cover up the alcohol and tannins, and provide some balance. Still, these are not what you would call shy wines, and won't be for everyone. Those who think the definition of great wine includes "without tannin" and "without fresh fruit" will be unamused. Others, may read on.

The Usual Suspects down at the zin station.....